Monday, February 11, 2013

What does Zerohour do?

Updated 3/8/2013

So what markets do I work with on one of the largest auction houses in the world?  Why, all of them worth doing!  I run one of the largest production accounts on Illidan currently gearing everyone and every guild that people won't do for each other.  The consistent money in the game is supplying the war efforts (Arms Dealer) since there's no shortage of people looking to improve their character quickly and shovel their coins my way.

Living Steel Belt Buckle
Epic 476/496 armor
PvP gear
Epic 476/496 armor
Leg Armors
PvP gear
Specialty Bags

Bags - 16 through 28 slots
Epic 476/496 armor
Leg Armors
PvP gear

Sha Crystal Enchants
MoP Enchants
Cataclysm Materials
Wrath Materials
Wrath Enchants
Burning Crusade Materials
Classic Enchants (BOAs)
Illusion Dust
Vanilla Essences
Dream Dust
Vision Dust
Strange Dust

MoP gems (posting 1 time a night generally, 2-3 on resets)
MoP blue rings and necks
Cataclysm blue rings and necks
Wrath epic gems
Adamantite Bi-product

MoP scopes
MoP pets
Cataclysm pets
Vanilla pets

MoP buff potions
MoP flasks
Transmutes of various types (gems and metals primarily, elements not anymore)

Glyphs (barely)
Shoulder enchants
Card making - I do not engage in deck trading due to time investment

MoP reagents
300 buff food
275 buff food

I'm going to go over the logic behind each of these and how I determine why I chose these in coming threads. 

As you can see from my past screenshots (and today's), I tend to make lots and lots of revenue off these items and they are definitely something that takes a bit of effort on your part to put together.  I spend my gametime at expansion releases leveling characters and retaining recipes as fast as possible, which allows me to hone my system and begin seeking raw materials at the best possible price.

Niche Marketing:
Rare recipe flips
MOP quality rare flips
Material resetting

Current setup:
Lots of characters - 10 x 90
Tailor/BS/LW are all at 90, with relevant reputations and recipes
4 x Enchanters, 2 with relevant reputations and recipes
3 x Leatherworkers
3 x Tailor
2 x Blacksmith
6 x Alchemists, all transmutation spec
4 x Guild Banks, all 6/7 tabs
Second Account

Tradeskill Master (no, really?)
Auctioneer Suite
Market Watcher
Titan Broker: TradeCooldown (I updated it for my use)
Titan Broker: Cashflow (best gold-flow tracker available)

I am unknown on my server by design - I have my reasons.  People do not know me as Zerohour, nor do I seek any attention in the official forums, trade, or even amount the guild I manage.  I don't even have a character with my avatar/handle in it.  Most guild friends know me by my real name, and nobody knows I work the AH religiously.  The only people that know are long gone from the game and you. 

Margin Call, February 11, 2013:
A very nice week considering we're a few weeks from patch, even though I wasn't able to pick up a helluva lot of deals on the purchase side.

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