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I tend to list certain blogs in my list that I'm either friends with the proprietor, or I think they're doing a good job, or they're listing me and it's good ol' quid pro quo.

If you're interested in getting some traffic from here, just contact me via Twitter, over at the Consortium, or leave a comment in a post here for me to check you out and I'll take a look!

A few rules:

* Don't monetize the blog.  A simple donation button, or as I would rather see a "Tips" button is ok.  I know nobody's going to be giving you any cash so it's cool.  Just ask any of the others, the coin jars are usually empty at the end of the night.  Scams, guides, raffles, link-backs, bleggar signs are totally a no.
* It should be relevant to gaming, specifically WoW or D3 (or D2, if you're of that genre)
* You should be discussing interesting topics.  Don't post your flavor of the week.
* Stay current.  Don't make a post today and one 2 months from now.  I like active blogs that are at least updated weekly or monthly.
* We will both reserve the right to take you down at any time in the future for whatever reason.  Just leaving that in there because honestly, everyone needs an out.
* Most of all, be freaking interesting.  Whenever I see a blog where the author takes considerable effort to do things, I'm interested in it.  Don't load it up with gadgets and such and call it a blog.  I don't list a majority of sites I even look over because they're boring.
* I don't care if you're well known.  Do you see me listing my favorite forum The Consortium here?  How about those other big bloggers you probably know of?  If you have a good idea and are good at the gold game, let me know who you are.  I like those that I think are a good part of the community of real gold bloggers, and those that need a voice.


  1. I was thinking about starting a gold blog for a new game that I have gotten myself caught up in. However, I had a few questions about starting my own spreadsheet and the like, and was wondering if you might be on hand to help me figure out a few things?

  2. The best way to learn Excel (or any competing spreadsheet app) is to dive in and experiment. Most of WoW is easily put into a spreadsheet because we have large amounts of data that are downloaded on demand (TUJ, WA). For other games, you'll need to start basic and build up. Am I on hand to answer questions? Not really. What I would advise is visiting several good sites. I like Get your basics down and go from there.

    Who knows, maybe I'll write a How To guide in the future, but no promises!


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