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I'm not a huge fan of squelching free speech, and I welcome anyone that disagrees with me, hates me, or has something on their mind to put something in the comments of the blog.  As I state in my rules, comments should be pithy and to the point.  Keep it relevant and on topic.

Over time however, it has become a little sad to come to check the blog and see comments with nothing but profanity and things I usually see on bathroom stalls in truck stops.  Sure, I use language my old high school football coach would use in the locker room, but it's meant to get a point across.  While I don't really care if I get a ton of readers, the ones that do come here looking for better information aren't interested in hearing from the peons who haven't got a clue.  The other problem, I come back to the site and find ads for gold buying about 2-3 times a week anymore, and that's getting tiresome because this is obviously a blog about WoW economics and Bad Manner Bloggers.

I'm not interested in seeing my chalkboard littered with graffiti from Prison Charlie wannabes or spam, so I'll approve comments as they come through, just to keep the place clean.  As always, dissension to my viewpoints are welcomed, as are all comments from the BM blogs out there who get called out.  Productive comments and "atta boys" are fine, too.  But if the comment crosses a certain threshold of Just-Plain-Stupid, it's not being published here.

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