Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer sucks

Ok, yeah, those of you who are beach bunnies disagree.  It's a great time to hit the beach, get some rays, take the top off the convertible (yeah, I had a Vette once, I get it), and go outside.

But really.  This is Warcraft.  If 8 years of this crap has taught me anything, it's you may as well go into autopilot when school lets out, because frankly gold grinding at this time is really pretty crappy.  Not only are your guildies out of school, many of your guildies are parents with vacation time saved up.

Bothering to raid or PvP during the summer isn't a bother either.  Blizzard never releases any new "real" content during the summer, which some exceptions:

Patch 1.11 - The original release of Naxxramus, released on the first freaking day of summer.  Really great when you think about it since it was 40 man and in the end gave people 7 months to get everything done before TBC release back when WoW was a real MMO and KT wasn't exactly downed by every top guild on every server.
Patch 3.3.5 - Ruby Sanctum, again 2 days after summer start but a VERY minor patch giving 272 epics to people who replaced them a few months later within 8 hours of playtime.
Patch 4.2 - Firelands release.  Ahhh, yes, the patch that killed my Cata guild because everyone under 23 decided it was "summer break man!"  WoW raiding became dead for me, I went completely PvP for the rest of the expansion.

We are now in 5.3, which means we are in Part 2 of 5.2 which was released in March, which means most "raiders" have really finished the content they want to see.  Those that didn't complete most of Heroic mode by at least late May gave their guys the summer off to go get some sun.  No offense or anything, I was just a hardmode raider when I raided, so I can only believe that anyone who is sitting on 1-3 bosses of ToT in Heroic is probably behind the curve.  How you could stand raiding (since March 5) the same bosses and not able to get Heroics down at this point - what the fuck man?  Seriously, Heroic is the new Normal mode raiding, has been that way since Ulduar.  Just throw in the towel, because really, it sounds like a guild I was in during Molten Core.

Sales of items for alts is obviously the in thing to do.  I've worked this market now for months, and it's produced "decent" sales.  I'm not the most happy, but when 5.4 kicks off I'll have a helluva stockpile ready to go.  Remember, it's all in the stockpile.

For those wondering

I haven't quit, I just stopped giving a shit.  And by that I mean, giving a shit about communicating what I know with the populace.  Total PMs/Emails since May: None.  Yeah, fuck you too.  I go afk for 2 months and nobody asks where's a post?  Guess I don't matter, and that's a good thing.  The feeling's mutual.  Why care?  This game's always gone on summer vacation every Children's Week.

What I have been doing is continuing a project I started last year prior to D3's release.  I'm enjoying it so far.  I'm not going to be talking about it because that would just create competition, but it's producing several hundred thousand per week.  I enjoy doing it.  And that's all that matters.

I'm predicting that this post will be my last for a few weeks, so until then, enjoy the sun.  Get out of your caves and go get a tan.  Life's too short to waste it sitting in front of a monitor when you don't have to.


  1. the big yellow scary thing in the sky is outside though! and it burns!

  2. Not much to comment about here, but just wanted to say I am experiencing the summer slowdown as well. I am also building up a massive stockpile. Enjoy the sun!

    1. Yeah, I looked at the dates and realized, yeah, I'm not really posting anything. I've been busy with so much stuff since mid-May.

  3. I'm baked but I'm happy. I've been enjoying the Summer and plan to continue to do so as well my friend. All my best.

  4. I dunno ZH, I hear the summer is a great time for grilling.

    1. Damn right it is. Our 4th weather here looks to be in the 80s, which is awesome because normally you can feel your clothes stick to you.

      And yeah, I get outside, my favorite time is actually spring. Best golf weather and you can still see the golf ball at 8pm.

  5. I just wanted to stop by to say,
    I didn't ask where you went, but I did wonder :P


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