Friday, January 31, 2014

1 + 1 = Chair, 90s for all, and Why Nothing Else Matters

Time for a rant and nothing too educational today.

I intend to use my free 90 when they open up more character slots per realm.  Why?  Because I already have the 11x90s on my main server (and 9 others scattered all over the place between 2 accounts) and I had the vast majority of them before the nerfs to XP.  I got cheated, so as reparations I would like about 48 hours time back and $20 off my purchase price for Warlords of Orcland.

That's right, I am not calling it Draenor because space-berries suck, and if you bothered to read the quest text while leveling in Outland you would understand that the entire mess was their fault.  Not only that, I'm a Horde player, and this expansion is dedicated to even more Horde shenanigans just like the last one.  I'm a rather unbiased person, but this time I really look forward to whipping Draenai asses and not having the Naru around to save their puke blue skin.

Where was I?  Oh yeah, if you don't have at least an account with your main realm filled with at least all high level characters, then you're the target audience and cannot be trusted.  But don't worry, the store's got you covered.  With this new experimental service, you just click a button, insert credit card, fill that server up with 90s.  And I'm pretty sure it will make it out of experimental stage faster than the Armory made it out of beta, because people like stuffing holes with money.

There, I feel better.

You know what?  All cool with me.  I personally find it relaxing to take a character through all the familiar zones.  I personally have loved this game for nearly 8 years now.  I enjoy the nostalgia of running the revised questline, and remembering what used to be required, and how I can't believe I go 1-60 in a few hours, when it used to take about 2 weeks played.  I play the game to be entertained, whether it be by leveling, PvP, raids, working the auction house, arranging extravagant business propositions only for the rich and infamous of Azeroth, or finding new ways to do things better.

Love the game, hate the players...  That's my philosophy

Leveling for most everyone else sucks.  You started in this game a few years ago when they introduced BOAs.  You have short attention spans and can't be tasked with spending a few days leveling the character from 1-90 because it's not entertainment, it's about the end-game and being better than your friends, right?  Hurry and get those characters to 90 so they can begin buying their shit from me!  And this is one of the only reasons I like the players.

Once you hit 90, you work for me.  (Insert the sound of chains and shackles ramming home)  Get your ass out there and get new epics, or try to start PvPing.  I encourage you to do LFR until your brains fall out.  Go level a profession, I have a wide assortment of available materials, all overpriced to you for my pleasure.  Don't forget to do your dailies, I mean without them you wouldn't have the currency to be allowed to interact with me, I won't allow it!  Then stand around in Org, or where ever your kind hangs out, and show off them epics.  So why the hell WOULDN'T I like hearing people are going to be buying more of my stuff?  We're going to have a bigger market because there will be more alts to gear!  Gold just falls out of the sky.

In fairness, this service is a service whose time has come.  No more wishing you had a Warrior because they're so OP and it would take a few days to get there, now it's only a minute away!  They should offer gear that gets people into the previous raid tier of content.  A package deal, yours for only $199.  Which reminds me I would like to see 90s start at about $49.  If the RMAH from D3 taught us anything, people are willing to pay $250 for pixels, so it is my hope that Blizzard was taking notes.  You get it all, gear, bags, epic flying, and 1,000 gold to give to me upon login!  The Great Start package!  Of course, no boosts to professions, otherwise you're encroaching on my territory.

Blizzard Partners With Twitch ...  for streamer of the year...?

I'm such a sucker for streamers.  I was reading a news article recently about someone that makes several thousand a week, and all they have to do is take off their clothes for random people online!  Take THAT stupid low paying corporate jobs!  And why was I born a pointer and not a setter?

Something that drives me nuts about the human condition is we are a voyeuristic animal.  We love to watch. We like to watch sports, actors play out a story, car crashes, people eating dinner, the next door neighbor, etc.  Adult films aren't a multi billion dollar industry for their plot lines, folks.  The internet feeds this.  Apparently, we like to watch people play video games, too.

Make sure you vote for the candidates, because without your support more people won't quit their lives in hopes of becoming a top ranked streamer because in order to even be nominated in this thing it sounds like you had to work it like a job.  Video games are a pretty ruthless business.

I'm having a change of heart on this topic. If you're entertained, by all means watch it. I'm waiting for live gladiatorial streams of combat to the death from remote parts of the world where it's not outlawed and they cover bets with Paypal before I subscribe to anything, however.  My tastes are refined and very discriminating.  And if someone knows where I can find this, please send me a message. I kid, but this is the next evolution!

I must admit I like Profitz' stream.  Probably because he's got that awesome Connecticut Italian accent that I can listen to for hours.  And he speaks like it's a smooth jazz station. Ultimately, I fear he could possibly reach through the internet and strangle me with a piano wire and bury me under his house, so I'm too scared not to watch.  Have you seen his prison tats?  Now if he would just bust out with some wrestling for the home audience from time to time.  Showering with Profitz does have a lot of potential for some viewers, too.  That segment should go into full production.  Just my opinion!  Do him a favor and "follow" him, he likes stalkers and has a lot of gold waiting to be given out.  He also entertains for tips!

The Great Auction House Run Up to Warlords

I've been spending my gold as fast as I make it anymore.  If you want to feel more broke, get yourself into GDKP.  The markets over here are pretty solid, and here's what I'm making:

Royal Satchels
Illusionary Bags
Enchanting Dusts and Essences
Belt Buckles
Weapon Enchants
Old School Enchants
502 Blacksmith Weapons
Sky Golems
All PvP Armors
553 Epics
More 90s

Between all this is an amazing income for this time in an expansion. My revenue is averaging 22.6k a day with very little maintenance, with weekends coughing up twice the average normally.  Costs are minimal because the mats are cheap and I come by them over the course of playing.  I'm also selling lots of garbage I find while leveling other characters.  My dream is to finally achieve the 10 million liquid milestone, but my habits often keep me from ever getting there.  Keep the hamster on the wheel.

Thanks for stopping in!


  1. "Of course, no boosts to professions, otherwise you're encroaching on my territory." Bad news for you, MMOC data mined a string that looks like it boosts professions to 600 on the new 90s.

    Also, you still sell the old school enchants? I used to dabble in those a bit when ever I came across some cheap righteous orbs or essence of air, I just figured there wouldn't be a market for them anymore with the scaling enchants they have now.

    1. 600, well damn. I'll bet they get the trainer recipes and nothing further. Still good.

      I've always sold old school since they were new school. Mats that is. There are some that are really better than the scaled enchants, like most of them. Look em up, you'll see. Never give up a good thing, especially when you can do the math.

    2. It seems like it's only for characters that you boost that are already over lvl 60.

      "CHARACTER_UPGRADE_PROFESSION_BOOST - Now notes that First Aid also receives a boost: Level 60+ characters will also receive a skill level boost to their primary professions and First Aid."

  2. Ah hah! I am not alone - I've been playing since Vanilla beta and STILL enjoy leveling characters through the various quest lines and zones. I'm sort of struggling with the whole "free 90" idea because I'd rather level a new character, but of course I'll take one. Because I can.


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