Thursday, January 17, 2013

Greetings from Central Command

Welcome to Zerohour's Nameless Blog.

Hosted by the King of the Most Hated Wind Traders of The Consortium.  Go hard or go home.

Yeah, I'm the bad boy of the crown jewel of WoW gold making websites - The Consortium.  I'm the guy everyone can count on to call a person out and be very blunt.  Even the other Wind Traders wonder how I can be so cruel to apps, so remorseless to stupid questions, and still be one of the few still grinding gold in this game after 7 years when everything is already known. Of course, not everything is known, except by a select few of us that dedicate way too much brain power to acquiring virtual wealth.

I play WoW almost entirely for it's economy.  I do the same thing with all other games I play, all the way back to my Monopoly days when I could be counted on to bankrupt my own parents, siblings, and friends.  The point of any game economic mechanic is to figure it out, then exploit it to the best of your ability, without little regard to what others think of you as a player or a person.  I personally believe I am one of the best at making systems, and even better at refining them.  I bring the characteristics needed to be successful, which are patience, creativity, and most of all consistency.  Lazy people need not apply.

My attitude is pretty simple.  If you can't keep up with the herd, you're gonna get eaten.  Therefore it's better to lead the herd or at least be plotting the death of the leader.

So with all this being said in my introduction, let's get down to business.

I don't like:

* People that are lazy about things - either do it or don't, stop complaining
* Non-hackers.  These are people that won't get off their ass or postpone things
* Beggars in disguise.  These are people usually hocking a poorly written guide for money
* Impatient people.  The best things in life take time, even in video games
* "Just a game" people - If you're investing your time doing anything, do it the best you can
* One Trick Ponies - Those that only know one way to make a profit and if their market changes they give up or go away

If you're going to make a comment on posts, remember to be coherent, witty, or at least somewhat interesting.  I'm choosing to moderate posts.

We're going to be discussing in this blog from time to time the antics and idiocy we commonly see in the game, especially among the WoW gold blogosphere.  We are no-holds-barred here, I don't care about your e-rep or mine, if you are in a World #1 or just a casual that logs in on the weekends.  I will treat you with equal disdain and intolerance!  =)  Sure I'll probably piss off some people along the way, but who cares, it's just a game, right?

A quick bit about my playstyle - I have had 8 x 90s since early November, and currently have another 10 at 85-89 spread all over the largest servers in the US Realms.  I am a gold millionaire and have spent and made it all back twice, most recently in MoP when I started the expansion at about 80,000g and took it back over 7 figures quickly on one of the largest and most competitive servers in the world.  I am a profession baron, meaning I have every profession, every recipe, and utilize all of them daily. I don't camp, bot glyphs/gems, deal in DMF trinkets, or flip TCG mounts.  I do not raid hardcore anymore, and I derive my happiness in the game grinding alts through dailies and LFR.  I spend roughly 1-2 hours a day performing AH duties, and I am not a habitual cancel/reposter. 

Here's a typical week anymore around Zerohour's industrial complex (as of Jan 17, 2013):

In a typical day I see about mid-5 figures and lots of 6-figure days, just doing my standard grind.  My long departed hero, Stokpile, was a big stockpiler, and so am I.  According to my gbanks I presently have about 893,000g in materials awaiting processing.  I heavily use addons to control this empire, and since I've been doing it for so long I have a routine that allows me lots of time to do anything I want.  I use proprietary materials that aid me in developing every market, which means you can't just download them, you have to make them yourselves.

I'm going to offer some tips from time to time, and anyone that knows me knows that Zerohour's tips are generally rather solid.  I'll be adding lots of different features that will benefit all of us in the end, too.

Several other Wind Traders have also opted to contribute to this blog, and their names you will instantly recognize if you are a regular of the gold making universe.  I'm putting content in the queue as you read this, which will post from time to time, and as I get the kinks smoothed out a regular post will be scheduled.

This week's thought:  You make money when you buy, not when you sell.

Thanks for stopping in!


  1. Aww don't worry Zerohour, under that gruff exterior we all know beats the heart of a sweet little boy :P

    I look forward to reading your blog, added it to my blogroll and Google Reader

  2. Oh good lord Xsin, you'll regret that. People are already calling me names in my PM box. But I know how to deal with that, I reply and give WHAT FER!


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